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Rainwater and Things You Can Do to Prevent a Flooded Basement Serving Topeka and the Surrounding Area For Over 18 Years
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Uncontrolled rainwater can flood a basement quickly and cause thousands of dollars in damages. Not to mention the loss of your personal possessions. Many times a homeowner is able to prevent. Here are some ways to keep your basement dry.

Homeowners instinctively call a plumber to ask about installing a sump pump, replacing an existing sump pump or installing a complete sump system due to a flooded basement. Before installing a completely new sump pump system, (not a sump pump replacement) check the following things beforehand to see if you really need one;

  • Gutters and downspouts must be cleaned and working properly to allow the excessive rainwater to be properly diverted away from the home and foundation. Vertical streaks on your gutters are a tell-tale sign that water has overflowed the gutters and drained down next to the home.
  • Grade of dirt next to the home should promote excess water to go away from the foundation not to it. If the dirt level is low, bring in new dirt to raise the slope. Never put dirt onto the siding of the home. Always stay 1 inch below the siding, brick, stone, etc. of the home so you don't get any unwanted visitors (bugs). Plus termites like moist wood.
  • Downspout extensions should always be used to divert rainwater away from the home. Just having splash blocks under your downspouts doesn't cut it. Extend gutters with pre-made gutter extensions, foldable gutter extensions, black corrugated nonperforated pipes or PVC pipes to get the excess water as far away from the house as possible.
  • Window wells need to be free from debris such as leaves, mud, etc. Gravel should be present in most window wells to strain debris from the water. Beneath the gravel should be a drain. Over time mud accumulates on the gravel and prevents proper straining and the window wells can fill up with water. To correct the drainage problem, remove any muddy gravel down to the clean and refill window well with like gravel to the appropriate level. Also install window well covers where possible to shed any remaining rainwater.

In closing, the chance of a flooded basement can be greatly reduced if the steps are followed above. A sump pump system is not always necessary. If you already do have a sump pump system please maintain it accordingly. If you would like more information on how to maintain your sump pump and prevent a flooded basement see our Facebook article on Sump Pump Tips
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